One step towards the Hollywood OS

Sure, there are loads of free screen capture tools, but this is not another cheesy, spreadsheet-looking one. This one offers directness, ease of use, and does it with style.

You may ask, what's wrong with Microsoft's own Snipping Tool? It's great, but unfortunately restricted to the Windows Tablet PC Edition, and some versions of Vista. Also, Snipping Tool fails to capture overlay windows (those translucent windows mostly used by desktop gadgets).


Accessable through Ptr Scr, Ctrl+Prt Scr, or custom hotkey
Captures full screen, rectangle selection, freehand selection, or active window
Can capture mouse cursor
Supports multiple monitors
Allows annotation over capture, with smooth, natural mouse drawing
Saves capture straight to desktop or to any file, sends it as email, edits, prints or sends to clipboard
Exports as JPG, BMP, or PNG (transparent or opaque)
Can re-scale capture before exporting
Can pre-fill capture title & comments with window title & browser URL